Oak and Beech Smoked Halibut

Oak and Beech Smoked Halibut

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Delicately smoked Halibut from the tidal waters of Scotland smoked over Exeter oak and beech wood. Why not try running through a kedgeree instead of haddock or running through a nicoise salad!


  • High Welfare Certified RSPCA assured Scottish Farmed Halibut

  • Table salt, Sea salt,

  • Black pepper

  • Brown sugar


  • we take all the care in world preparing our fish but from time to time the odd bone may remain

  • though rare we do occasionally smoke shellfish (traces)


  • Can be frozen for up to 3 months, if doing so consume within 3 days of removing from the freezer.

  • Keep refrigerated at 0-5 degrees C once open consume within 3 days.

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