We believe in sustainability so therefore we do not buy wild salmon to smoke, only farmed. This is due to the large decline of wild salmon in British waters and therefore by us not using it we are allowing for the natural stocks to recuperate. However, our farmed salmon is nothing but incredible, coming from the wonderful Scottish loch's, the salmon is allowed to thrive and swim completely freely as if they where a wild fish. this ensures the quality is nothing but phenomenal.



We source the majority of our fish from the Devon and Cornish coast line collecting every other day from small day boats. We help to support small individual anglers as well as getting nothing but the freshest of fish. We collect various species that the day boats have brought, enabling us to have a lot of fun playing around with different curing methods and smoke techniques, dependant on what we fancy giving a little smoke or what we think our clients would like to try. 


Our poultry& MEat

We source our meat from Piper's Farm, Devon who we believe produce and source nothing but the finest of free range poultry and meat . All there poultry are reared to the highest of welfare standards where they are able to freely access large grassy areas, water for the ducks so they can easily clean there feathers as nature intended. All poultry and meat reared and sourced at Piper's farm are fed on a low energy feed to provide a very leisurely growth, resulting in the meat not only being full of flavour but having plenty of meat for the hungry customer.


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