Southwest Smokehouse was founded in 2018. by a young chef Sam Akrigg. Sam has travelled the UK and France working his way up the kitchen ladder in some of the most incredible Michelin establishments such as, Le Gavroche, The Samling and Eriks

The Samling in the Lake District is where Sam grew a huge love for the great outdoors and its natural beautiful produce. Working with home grown, foraged and such incredible produce inspired Sam to see further and deeper into the industry and learn and study all about ancient, contemporary and unusual preservation techniques. Having worked as part of a great team and starting to polish up who he was within the industry he then later travelled to a small island off of the west coast of Scotland to work as part of the great team he had previously worked with at the Samling. It was here at Eriska where he could really thrive in foraging and preservation and start to establish a solid understanding of preservation, smoking and lots of other unusual techniques. 

With a mountain of knowledge, Southwest Smokehouse accidentally happened, haven just finished working 18 months in France and returning back to the UK with no plans other than travelling, Sam decided to build a smoker and before he knew it one thing led to the next and the smokehouse started. 

And so it all began....